Genel taşıma uygulamaları için Pnömatik ekipmanları
Plastik enjeksiyon makinelerinden Parça alma ekipmanları
Elektrikli iş elemanları
Otomasyon uygulamaları için sensörler
Gimatic Otomasyon uygulamalarınıza özel ürün ve çözümlerle her zaman yanınızdadır.



Yeni ürünler

Angular (MPBM) and Radial (MPRM) electric grippers

Plug & Play user friendly gripper.
No electricity consumption when gripper is engaged.
No programming required.
Gripper retention garanteed in event of blackout.
Long life Brushless motor.
Built-in motor driver.

Pneumatic slide (series ZV)

Adjustable recirculating ball-bearing guide.
Double acting.
Rear air supply.
Optional end stroke adjusters with shock-absorber, rubber bumper or grub screw.
Emergency stopper (KP version).
Optional actuator for intermediate stops.
Optional magnetic sensors.

Blade holder MFI-A272

Suitable for trimming, degating and deburring.
Continuosly adjustable angle from -45° to +45°.
It can be mounted on either side.
Optional heating system.

2 position electric rotary actuator MRE series

Suitable for 90° or 180° rotation angle mechanically set.
Plug & play user friendly gripper.
No electricity consumption when gripper is engaged.
No programming required.


Guided cylinder with twin rods OFB series

Double acting 
Piston bore: 40mm. 
Stroke: 30mm, 50mm.
Several mounting accessories. 
Optional magnetic sensors.

Single-acting non-rotative mini cylinders OFC series

Piston bore: 10mm, 16mm, 25mm. 
Stroke: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm.
Several accessories MFI for the clamp mounting on the external diameter.
Several accessories to be mounted on the rod.
Optional sensors and clamps.